Gabriela studied fashion design at university in Chihuahua, Mexico. And at the young age of 22, Gabriela opened small clothing boutique in her hometown where she sold her handmade designs. Despite having limited English skills, she Gabriela moved to the U.S. to further her career as a fashion designer. In the first few months, Gabriela spent much of her time sketching designs and sewing patterns by herself at home.

When she heard about Mi Casa’s Éxito Para Negocios Spanish-language entrepreneurial training program, she was thrilled at the prospect of making new friends and learning how to develop a business plan in her new country.

“Mi Casa helped me grow my business and I continue to turn to Mi Casa for counseling and advice. Mi Casa helped me see that my market was actually much larger than I originally thought.”

Through Mi Casa, Gabriela made valuable contacts and learned information that not only made her feel more at home in her new city, but also helped Gabriela convert her aspirations into a brick-and-mortar business – Gabriela Designs Denver – with a steadily growing clientele.